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She sat in the back of the courtroom, wearing oversize black sunglasses, watching as the former Democratic congressional aide was sentenced for slipping a sedative into her drink and then raping her.It was the summer of 2010, and she had just arrived in Washington as a student intern.Results indicated that high-masculine individuals (androgynous and masculine individuals) scored higher on the masculine dating behavior index and that high-feminine individuals (androgynous and feminine individuals) scored higher on the feminine interactional index.The results of this study support the hypothesis that gender role identity influences self-reported dating behavior of college students.

Playing this porno game is simple: click on an object to perform an action, hold down the button to perform a sex action. Seriously, can we hold a mature, adult conversation today?There are things going on in the sports world that we need to discuss, but we can only do it if we agree up front to be mature about it.Maybe you've heard about Karrine Steffans, the controversial best-selling author?Before she penned "Confessions of a Video Vixen," Ms. Steffans' message seems to be, and what her success seems to state.