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Unfortunately, she will start losing hope when the doctors tell her she must prepare for the inevitable. The doctors cannot seem to agree on the best medical procedure for her.

In the promo, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) explains to Maggie that they are only hurting Diane with the current treatment she is having. She is willing to experiment, hoping to find that one cure that her mother will respond to.

Hello Gentlemen, Today we’re gonna have some fun with romance books turned into movies and how they’re emulating through media.

The Twilight movies were a hit amongst women, young and old.

Or maybe they all sit and watch football every Sunday and play videogames until the wee hours of the night.

These behaviors aren’t too appealing to women (except if she’s just as into video games, Monday Night Football and helping your boys score), so, just eliminating that prospect all together is more romantic to women.

the faith learned in singleness will be with you for the rest of your life.

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As she struggles with her predicament, Maggie will get comfort from Nathan (Martin Henderson). It has not been long since she found out he has been dating her sister.When you go out with friends, do you take the lead? A man who demonstrates power over himself by controlling his actions, thoughts and emotions is extremely attractive.Time and time again, Christian’s little “sex slave,” Anastasia, challenges and tests him by pushing him away and questioning his behavior. You’ll notice many scenes in which the character doesn’t even blink.If he was too much of a challenge, Anastasia would probably just give up on him.Maggie's (Kelly Mc Creary) world is falling apart in the upcoming episode of "Grey's Anatomy."In the episode titled "Be Still, My Soul," the synopsis (according to TV Guide) reveals that the health of Maggie's mom, Diane (La Tanya Richardson Jackson), is not improving.